Scripsema, Scripps


Descendants of

Halbe Hindricks & Nieske Duirts

The written history of all the Schripsemas in the world started in 1717 in Noordhorn, Groningen, when Halbe Hindricks en Nieske Duirts got married.

Where Halbe came from is still a mystery. Fortunately, we know that he owned a farm at Okswerd, Noordhorn and that about 1722 he went to live on a farm called Ooster Froma at Eibersburen, Lutjegast and what he did in his life.

Our family tree has branches in the Netherlands and in the USA. The branch I'm perched upon, together with my beloved sister Carin, ends in a family of butcher's shop-owners: my grandparents Hotze Schripsema (1896) & Martje Japenga (1894) and my parents Pieter Hotse Schripsema (1924 - 2013) & Jantje van Dijken (1922 - 2004). Once we all lived together above the shop in the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 38 in Groningen. My name is Hotze Schripsema (1951). I was modernised into Hans from my first day on. At highschool I got my German lessons from Lucy Schripsema.

This is going to be a monumental website for all descendants of Halbe Hindricks and Nieske Duirts, so that all living Schripsemas will know their place.If you want to help building, with new information or pictures, please send me an e-mail.

Kereltje op swien stond op het vleeswarenzakje

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